Connect with your classmates

How hard is it to go to a classmate and strike up a conversation out of the blue?  We know how hard that can be.  We don't always have a friend in each of our classes, so how do we find out what we missed or ask simple questions?  NoteUtopia has made life a little easier.

Wall Posts, Live Chat, Messages

Wall posts are a familiar way for you to leave small messages with other students.  Whether you are asking a quick question like, "What page is that reading?" or "What time is the game on Saturday?" wall posts are a great way to keep up with school and with friends.

Live Chat is a great feature to talk to your friends and classmates that are online the same time as you.  With Live Chat you can ask questions quickly and efficiently without having to wait for a response.

Messages are private and convenient.  They allow you to interact with other students in length and in private.  You can arrange to meet for a group project or ask for homework help.  Either way, messages provide a platform that allows you to Study Better.

Discussion Boards

Ever want to ask the entire class a question but have never had the ability to do so?  With NoteUtopia Discussion Boards you can now communicate with the entire class.

Each class has its own discussion board where all students can ask questions, post homework help, or simply ask if there is class tomorrow.  This is a great space for you to collaborate with your classmates and keep up on what's going on in class.

To learn more about socializing and keeping up with your classmates on NoteUtopia, watch the short video below.