Sell Class Notes!

Yes!  You can make money by selling the notes you already take!   

So you are already going to class, already taking notes, all ready to make some extra cash?  Why not just take 30 seconds to upload your notes, and then wait for the cash to start pouring in?

It's simple.  Just quickly upload the notes that you are already taking, set a price, and then cash out.  For example, you might charge $1 for a note, 2 bucks for a study guide, or 5 bones for an outline.  It's really that simple.  To find out in detail how this works once you sign up, watch the short video clip below.

To make the most money, you need to market yourself by telling your classmates about the notes that are availble on  To learn more about how to market yourself and to download templates of flyers to hand out in class, click here.