Get Class Notes!

Download notes for all of your classes!

At NoteUtopia, we offer an organic document marketplace where students can upload and download all of their class documents, including class notes, study guides, handouts, reports, quizzes and more. We are unlike any other study site in that our documents are specific to your class.  Students can find documents by looking up their class or professor, and then download the document. 

How do I know if the notes are any good?

To be sure that the notes are of the highest quality, we have a 5 star rating system for both the uploader and the document.  Great notes have 5 stars and poorer notes might have 1 or 2 stars.  You can read personalized comments from other students saying how helpful the notes are or how good the note taker is.  And if that isn't enough, we even let you preview the first quarter of every page before you download!  With all that, the higher rated notes float to the top so you can download with confidence! 

To learn more about downloading notes, please view the video below and learn how easy downloaing is once you are a member.