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General Questions About NoteUtopia and Setup

  1. What is
  2. Why organic?
  3. Sounds like cheating. . .
  4. How do I know if the notes are high quality?
  5. How do professors create an account?
  6. Is there any difference between a student and a professor account?
  7. How does an “anonymous” account work?
  8. What do I do if I cannot find my school/class/professor?
  9. What file formats can I upload?

Payment and Other Questions

  1. What price should I charge for my notes?
  2. Does NoteUtopia pay user income/sales tax?
  3. Does NoteUtopia take a fee?
  4. Should I pre-pay my account?
  5. How should I market my notes to other students?
  6. When can I withdraw money from my account?
  7. What if I never reach a minimum of $15 to withdraw funds?
  8. Are there refunds?

Other Questions

  1. How to I report a bug in the website?
  2. How to I suggest an idea for the website?
  3. How do I ask a question that is not listed here?


What is

NoteUtopia is the perfect place for students.  At NoteUtopia, students can upload/download notes, join discussion boards, form groups, leave wall comments, chat in real time, and find classmates for projects, homework help, or to just make a new friend.  NoteUtopia is designed to connect students so that all students can collectively and socially Study Better™.  Sign up today!

Why organic?  

Our process of getting you quality class notes is described as organic because we rely on students to upload notes and any other class documents in order for NoteUtopia to be successful.  Rather than put up generic facts about Introduction to Biology that would be of little help, we offer notes that are class specific and assignments that are straight from your classes.  It is truly a grass roots way of providing notes and thus a very organic process.  Join your fellow students and upload today!

Sounds like cheating. . .

No way!  NoteUtopia is determined to provide a service that supplements students study.  We aim to cultivate an environment that rewards hard work and dedication to academic achievement.  With that in mind, we want to promote the great benefits that our service provides, and discourage any abuse of our service.  Please visit our Academic Honor page to learn more about our commitment to maintaining academic honor. 

How do I know if the notes are high quality?

NoteUtopia has developed a very simple but comprehensive rating and comment system that evaluates the quality of both the notes and the uploader.  Students are given the opportunity to rate individual notes after each download on a five star rating system, as well as leave a personalized comment.  In addition, these ratings are then averaged to get an uploader rating which follows that user whenever they upload a note.  When you search for notes, you can sort for the highest rated notes to appear at the top of the search results while the poor quality notes will reside at the bottom of the search results.  A final step we have taken to ensure quality notes is the ability of the user to preview the first quarter of every page before download.  All this so you can download with confidence.

How do professors create an account?

Professors are encouraged to create an account to better connect with their students.  Professors can create an account in the same way that a student does.  They log onto and Sign Up!

Is there any difference between a professor and student account?

Not at all.  Our service grants all features to both students and teachers.  It is suggested that professors announce their username to their students before asking them to join their group as some pesky students may try and impersonate a professor. 

How does an “anonymous” account work?

If you choose to upload anonymously, you will be anonymous to the outside world as far as what you upload.  However, you will have a social side that will not be anonymous.  This social side will allow you to send messages, wall posts, join groups, and join discussion boards using your real name.  This is good because you get the best of both worlds.  You can upload with privacy AND participate with other students openly.

What do I do if I cannot find my school/class/professor?

No School/No Class:  Contact Us at once and we will add your school with all classes and professors.  There are a lot of schools out there; it takes us some time to get to everyone.  By contacting us your school will be bumped to the top of the list.

Professor: You can click “Add a Professor” and fill in the required information to add a missing professor.  It’s that easy!  Just make sure that the spelling and format is the same as your course catalog to avoid duplicate entries.

What file formats can I upload?

We currently accept PDF, TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, XPS.  If you want to upload something not in one of these formats try converting it to a PDF or pasting it in a Word Doc.

What price should I charge for my notes?

We suggest starting out at lower prices and then building up the price as your rating and comments for the document get higher and higher.  A good starting point is $1 for an average note, $2 for a study guide, $3 for a paper, and so on.  It is really whatever you think another student will pay for your note.  As always you can offer your notes for Free99!  Just keep in mind that like in any other business, you must come up with a price that the customer is willing to pay.

Find out how to promote and market your notes best by clicking here.  

Does NoteUtopia pay user income/sales tax?

No.  Uploaders are responsible for reporting their own income tax.  Sales tax does not apply to digital purchases.  However, we suggest checking with an accounting professional before use of our service.

Does NoteUtopia take a fee?

We take a small fee from each sale to keep the lights on and the website running.  As always, the great majority of the sale goes to the uploader!

Should I pre-pay my account?

Absolutely!  You can add money to your account in bulk rather than pulling out the credit card for every single download.  Pre-paying is easier and more efficient.  We suggest pre-paying your account with at least $10 to start.  Keep your credit card in your wallet and prepay today!

How should I market my notes to other students?

The most effective ways to market to other students is:

  1. Place flyers on all desks before class starts.  You can create your own or use our flyer template here.
  2. Write a short message in the upper corner of the chalkboard.  “Notes on”
  3. Hit up Facebook and Twitter!  Update your status, leave wall posts, mass message, tag pictures.  Do whatever you can think of to reach the friends you already have that are taking classes with you.
  4. Take advantage of any programs that your professor uses, such as Blackboard.  Usually students have the ability to email all students in the class.  Use this wonderful opportunity to reach all of your classmates all at once.

When can I withdraw money from my account?

You may withdraw money from your account when you reach a balance of at least $15.  You must enter your PayPal email first in the "My Account" section of the website.  If you do not have a PayPal account, where have you been?!?!  Click here to join the rest of us and to start withdrawing from your account.

What if I never reach a minimum of $15 to withdraw funds?

Step up your game.  You can do this!  Read your comments and find out why people are not downloading your notes.  If you still cannot reach the minimum and just want to cash out, we have a solution.  Pre-pay your account so that your account reaches at least $15, then withdraw your funds.

Are there refunds?

Because the “product” is a digital download, there cannot, and will not be any refunds of any kind.  All sales are final.

How do I report a bug in the website?

OMG!!! Thank you for letting us know.  Please tell us all of the details about the problem at our contact us form.  Make sure to leave us as many details as possible including, time and date, page url, and what you were trying to do or access.  Thanks!

How do I suggest an idea for the website?

We are always interested in your ideas.  We find that students have the best ideas and so we invite your input at  Leave your name and contact information so that we can work with you on making your idea a reality.

p.s. if you are looking to work at NoteUtopia, this is a great way to show off your stuff!

How do I ask questions that are not listed here?

Please send all questions to our contact us form.

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