Academic Honor 

Reward Hard Work, Protect Author

We at NoteUtopia are determined to provide a service that supplements students’ study. We aim to cultivate an environment that rewards hard work and dedication to academic achievement. With that in mind, we want to promote the great benefits that our service provides, and discourage any abuse of our service. 

NoteUtopia does not encourage or condone the use of any materials that were stolen, copied, or not intended to be released to the public by the originator of the document. We actively work to protect professors and other authors from such materials being posted. We do everything in our power to act in accordance with each university’s honor code so that NoteUtopia is a community of scholarly and ethical students.

Not a Replacement for Class Attendance

We emphatically state that the use of NoteUtopia is not a substitute for regular attendance at classes. We simply aim to provide a mechanism to work in conjunction with diligent class participation to increase efficiency and learning. NoteUtopia benefits users in a number of ways, but more specifically, NoteUtopia fills in the inevitable gaps caused by the uncertainties in life (e.g. doctor and dental appointments, childcare, weddings, etc.), as well as provides a supplement to a student’s own notes should the student feel that his own notes are incomplete or not as comprehensive as they could be.

Open Information and Faculty Involvement

Lastly, NoteUtopia works to provide the freedom of information that learning institutions strive to achieve. We are pursuing a level of openness where all students can benefit from the ideas and creativity of each other. With the connections that NoteUtopia creates, each student can be a tutor for many other students. 

We recognize the difficultly educators have in providing materials to all students when the materials are handed out in hard copy. At NoteUtopia, we want to move away from printing materials on paper and make use of the technology that we have available to us. It is for this reason that NoteUtopia strongly encourages professors, teachers, and other educators to create NoteUtopia accounts. Once online, professors can upload course materials, answer homework questions, and utilize all other features of the NoteUtopia service. In addition, professors are asked to form groups which their students can join. Students and professors can then communicate in a more efficient manner with all course documents available in one place only accessible by the members of the class. This will create a better, greener, and more complete learning experience.

If you have any questions about our policies regarding academic honesty, please Contact Us.