About NoteUtopia

How the Story Goes 

NoteUtopia was started by Sacramento State student Ryan Stevens in late 2008 and launched in 2010. As a student, Ryan and his friends shared their notes, study guides, and other course materials for almost every class. This kind of collaboration and sharing made preparing for class easier and more efficient. To bring this kind of school-oriented community to all students, Ryan launched NoteUtopia.com, a place where students come to Study Better.

Why NoteUTOPIA? 

A utopia is a perfect place or ideal society.  NoteUtopia is the perfect place for students. At NoteUtopia, students can upload/download notes, join discussion boards, form groups, leave wall comments, chat in real time, rate professors, and find classmates for projects, homework help, or to just make a new friend. NoteUtopia is designed to connect students so that all students can collectively and socially Study Better.

An Organic Experience 

At NoteUtopia we are proud of our organic, grass roots way of providing notes to students.

We say organic because we rely on students to upload notes and any other class documents in order for NoteUtopia to be successful. Rather than put up generic facts about Introduction to Biology that would be of little help, we offer notes that are class specific and assignments that are straight from your classes.  It is truly a grass roots way of providing notes and thus a very organic process.

In order to build a strong student community, we need you to upload your notes as they pertain specifically to your class and your professor. We need you to rate professors and rate documents so that we are taking the best classes and using the best notes. 

I think you can see the pattern…NoteUtopia is a website driven by contributions by YOU, the student. 

This is your call to action to make NoteUtopia work. Go ahead and start right now. Tell all your friends and classmates. Fire up Facebook and Twitter and status update until your fingers fall off! Let’s make this work and provide a community where all students can Study Better.